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A 55 year old male, with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and hypertension, developed severe air- borne contact dermatitis. The most appropriate drug for his treatment would be - (AIIMS Nov 2013)

A Systemic corticosteroids
B Thalidomide

C Azathioprine
D Cyclosporine

Ans. C
i.e., Azathioprine

Treatment of Allergic contact dermatitis

a. Topical corticosteroids in combination with oral antihistaminics are effective in most cases.

b. Extensive contact dermatitis may require treatment with a short course of oral corticosteroids.

c. In air-borne contact dermatitis, azathioprine may be effective.

As corticosteroids are contraindicated in patients with DM and hypertension, best option here would be azathioprine.