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A young man has normal blood sugar & normal HbA1C but has glycosuria. Most likely diagnosis is? (LQ)

A Renal Glycosuria

B Pancreatic insufficiency

C Alimentary glycosuria

D High carbohydrate diet taken in the morning.

Ans. A

Renal Glycosuria

Important points:

1). Glycosuria + Ketonuria is seen only in diabetes.

2). Only glycosuria (without diabetes) is seen in a normal young adult, pregnancy, hyperthyroid.

(Note: In hyperthyroid it is known as alimentary glycosuria)

3). Only ketonuria is seen in prolong starvation.

4). Renal glycosuria is a benign condition, found in some young adults. No treatment required. Blood sugar is normal. It is self-limiting.