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Abdominal Aorta

It begins as a continuation of descending thoracic aorta in the midline at the aortic hiatus of diaphragm at T11level. It terminates into right and left common carotid artery in front of L4 vertebra. Braches of abdominal aorta:-

  1. Ventral branches :- These are:
    1. Coeliac trunk (foregut artery):-It arises from ventral surface of aorta at the level of upper border of LI (T12-LI disc level). It gives of three terminal branches.
      1. Left gastric artery: - Gives esophageal and gastric branches.
      2. Common hepatic artery: - It gives of
        1. Gastrodudenal artery (which terminates by dividing superior pancreatico-duodenal artery and right gastroepiploic artery),
        2. Right gastric artery, and
        3. Cystic artery.
      3. Splenic artery: - It gives
        1. Pancreatic branches,
        2. Short gastric artery and
        3. Left gastroepiploic artery.
    2. Superior mesenteric artery (midgut artery):- It arises from ventral surface of aorta at lower border of LI level. Its branches are :-
      1. Inferior pancreatico-duodenal artery.
        Middle colic artery.
      2. Right colic artery.
      3. Ileo-colic artery: - It divides into ascending and descending branches. Descending branch gives
        1. anterior cecal artery,
        2. posterior cecal artery,
        3. ileal artery and
        4. appendicular artery which provides a recurrent branch or recurrent appendicular artery.
    3. Inferior mesenteric artery (hindgut artery):- It arises from the ventral surface of aorta at L1 level: It gives following branches -
      1. Left colic artery,
      2. Sigmoid arteries, and
      3. Superior rectal artery.
  2. Lateral branches :- These are-
    1. Inferior phrenic artery
    2. Middle suprarenal artery.
    3. Renal artery.
    4. Testicular or ovarian arteries.
  3. Dorsal branches :- These are-
    1. Median sacral
    2. Right and left lumbar

Terminal branches: - These are right and left common iliac arteries.


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