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Lymphatic Drainage

  • Lymph nodes of abdomen are arranged into following groups -
  1. Lumbar or aortic nodes
    These are divided into -
    1. Preaortic nodes: - These lie in front of aorta around the three ventral branches of aorta and hence are divisible into coeliac, superior mesenteric and inferior mesenteric groups. They receive lymphatics (afferent) from GIT (abdominal part), liver, pancreas and spleen. Their efferents form the intestinal trunk which enters into cisterna chyli.
    2. Lateral aortic (para-aortic) nodes: - They lie on each side of the abdominal aorta, especially around renal vessels. They receive lymph (afferent) from kidneys, suprarenal gland, testis or ovary, uterine (fallopian) tubes, upper part of uterus and posterior abdominal wall they also receive lymph (afferent) from common iliac nodes. Their efferents form a lumbar trunk which opens into cisterna chyli.
  2. Iliac lymph nodes
    They surround common, external and internal iliac arteries. External iliac nodes drain lymph from inguinal lymph nodes, deeper part of infraumblical part of anterior abdominal wall, adductor region of thigh, membranous urethra, prostate, urinary bladder, cervix of uterus and part of vagina. Their efferents pass to common iliac nodes. lnternal iliac nodes receive lymph from all pelvic organs, deeper parts of perineum, muscles of gluteal region and back of thigh. Their efferents pass to common iliac nodes. Common iliac nodes drain into lateral aortic (para-aortic) nodes.

Cysterna chyli


This is an elongated lymphatic sac, about 5-7 cm long, lying in front of L1 and L2 vertebra, immediately right of abdominal aorta. Its upper end is continuous with thoracic duct. It receives lymph from lumbar trunks (arise from para-aortic nodes) and intestinal lymph trunks (arise from pre aortic nodes). Thus it, ultimately receives lymph from abdominal and pelvic organs (except from anterosuperior surface of liver) and most of the abdominal wall.


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