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All are affected in Graft-Versus host reaction - (AIIMS May 07)

A Skin
C Liver
D Lung

Ans. D i.e. Lung [Ref Robbin's 8th /e p. 230]

Graft versus host disease

a. Graft versus host disease occurs in any situation in which immunologically competent cells or their precursors are transplanted into immunologically crippled patients and the transferred cells recognize alloantigens in the host.

b. Graft versus host disease occurs most commonly in the setting of allogenic bone marrow transplantation but may also follow transplantation of solid organs rich in lymphoid cells (e.g. the liver) or transfusion of unirradiated blood.

c. Although any organ may be affected, the major clinical manifestation results from involvement of the immune system and epithelia of the skin, liver and intestines.