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Liver & GIT

6 out of 6

All are seen in hemochromatosis except-(AIIMS MAY 09)

A Hypogonadism

B Arthropathy

C Bronze diabetes

D Desferrioxamine is the treatment of choice.

Ans. D Desferrioxamine is the treatment of choice.


1. Main treatment consists of weekly venesection of 500 ml blood (250 mg iron) (AIPG 07) until the serum iron is normal.

2. Venesection is continued as required to keep the serum ferritin normal.

3. The chelating agent deferoxamine (I/V or S/C) is indicated for patients with hemochromatosis and anemia or in those with secondary iron overload due to thalassemia who cannot tolerate phlebotomies.

4. A oral chelator, Deferasirox is new drug.