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All of the following cell types contain the enzyme telomerase which protect the length of telomers at the end of chromosomes except: (AIIMS May 2014)

A Germinal
B Somatic

C Hemopoietic
D Tumour

Ans. B i.e. Somatic


a. Telomere is short repeated sequences of DNA present at linear ends of chromosome.

b. Some portion of this sequence is lost during each cell division known as telomere shortening.

c. Telomere shortening cause growth arrest called as replicative senescence.

d. Telomerase is enzyme that adds TTAGGG (= telomere) repeat on 3 end of chromosome and RNA component that provides template for telomere extension.

e. Thus the cell with telomerase are able to divide continuously.

f. Most normal somatic cells do not express telomerase except stem cells of hematopoietic tissues, gut and skin epithelium and germ cells.

g. More than 90% of human cancer express high levels of telomerase.