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Central Nervous System

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All of the following manifestations are seen in cases of cerebellar damage in human beings except

A Loss of non-declarative/reflexive memory

B Loss of adjustment of vestibulo-ocular reflex

C Static tremor and rigidity

D Ataxia, atonia and asthenia

Ans. C Static tremor and rigidity
  1. Cerebellum syndrome due to lesions of the cerebellum

a. No paralysis and no sensory deficit. Q

b. Ataxia ~ wide based, unsteady, "drunken gait Q

c. Loss of equilibrium and posture control ~ due to damage of vestibulocerebellum. Q

d. Scanning speech. Q

e. Dysmetria, past- pointing. Q

f. Intention tremor (Absent at rest).Q

g. Rebound phenomenon ~ Adiadochokinesia or Dysdiadochokinesia Q

h. Decomposition of the movement. Q

i. Nystagmus. Q

j. Loss of VOR and other forms of reflexive memory Q

k. Tone ~ may be Hypotonia, tendon jerk pendular. Q

  1. Parkinsonism

Due to lesions of the Basal ganglia Nigrostriatal pathways or due to depletion of Dopaminergic neurons in the substantia Nigra Q

a. Rigidity Lead pipe or cogwheel type Q[Note clasp knife rigidity is found in UMN lesion]

b. Tremor:

i. Resting Tremor or static Tremor 4-6HzQ

ii. Postural tremor ~ 8-10 Hz

c. Hypokinesia (Bradykinesia)

d. Loss of postural reflexes