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Fetal Surveillance

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All the following are TRUE about Manning score EXCEPT (DNB Dec 2011)

A Non-stress test
B Oxytocin challenge test

C Body movement
D Respiratory activity of a child

Ans. B

Oxytocin challenge test

a. Manning score - A method of biophysical scoring system based on multiple parameter determined at real time ultrasound scanning forms the basis of the test.

b. It has been of great help in the management of high risk pregnancies including IUGR cases in determining the timing and mode of pregnancy termination, whenever the fetus seems to be in imminent jeopardy,

c. The parameter that constitute the biophysical profile include

i. Non stress test

ii. Fetal breathing

iii. Fetal tone

iv. Gross body movements

v. Volume of amniotic fluid present.

d. Each parameter is given a score of 2 points, A score of 8 to 10 correlates well with a good pregnancy outcome A score of less than 6 should be viewed with caution, the test should be repeated within 24 to 48 hours

e. A score of less than 2 is associated with poor fetal outcome.

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