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Adenoids: (Nasopharyngeal Tonsil)

  1. Definition; Adenoids are lymphoid tissue located at the junction of nasopharyngeal roof and the posterior pharyngeal wall
  2. Features:
    1. Are lined by ciliated columnar epithelium
    2. Have no capsule/crypts
    3. Are present at birth not visible on X-ray in children under I month of age
    4. Clinically seen by the 4th month
    5. Visible radiographically in children more than 6 month of age
    6. Hypertrophy 3-5 yrs
    7. Involution after puberty
P,S-: Nasopharyngeal mass in neonates suspect Encephalococele


MCQ. Adenoid facies, seen in adenoid hyperplasia, consists of crowded teeth, high-arched palate and underdeveloped pinched nostrils, due to look and open mouth.

  1. Adenoid Hypertrophy
  2. Etiology;
    1. Rhinitis
    2. Sinusitis
    3. Allergy
  3. Clinical symptoms:
    1. Nasal Symptoms:
  1. Nasal obstruction                          
  2. Wet bubbly nose
  3. Sinusitis                                         
  4. Epistaxis                          
  5. Voice change (rhinolalia clausa)
  1. Aural symptoms:
    1. Conductive hearing loss                              
    2. Recurrent attacks of acute otitis media
    3. C.S.O.M.                                          
    4. Serous O.M
  2. General Symptoms: (Adenoid Facies)
    1. Elongated dull face                      
    2. Dull expression
    3. Open mouth                                  
    4. Crowded upper teeth
    5. Hitched up upper teeth
    6. Pinched appearance of nasal ala
    7. High arched palate                       
    8. Systemic (pulmonary hypertension)
Treatment: Adenoidectomy

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