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Odema Of The Uvula (Quinke’s Disease)

  1. Definitions: Quincke’s disease is acute oedema of the uvula
    1. Allergens
    2. Trauma
    3. Infection
      1. Acute
      2. Chronic: Syphilis, Tuberculosis
    4. Squamous carcinoma
    5. Radiotherapy
    6. Blood disease: Acute Leukemia, agranulocytosis
      Treatment: Subsides on its own Or i.v. Steroids
      ( I ). Vincent’s Angina: Syn. Trench mouth, Syn. ulcerative necrotising Gingivo Tonsillitis
  2. Organisms:
    1. Spriochaete : Borellia vincenti
    2. Anaerobe: Bacillus fusiformis
  3. Predisposing factor:
    1. Very poor dental hygiene
    2. Debilitated patient
  4. Features:
    1. Necrotizing gingivitis- gums are covered with necrotic membrane
    2. Bleeding of gums
    3. Tender cervical gland enlargement
    4. The lesions are painful
    5. Isolated involvement of tonsils may be present
  5. Treatment:
    1. H2 O2 mouthwashes
    2. Penicillin + Metronidazole
    3. Dental care

Keratosis Pharyngis​

  1. Features:
    1. Benign condition
    2. Horny excrescences on the tonsillar surface, pharyngeal wall of lingual tonsils; appear as   white/
    3. yellow dots and cannot be wiped off.
    4. No constitutional symptoms
    5. Reassurance : treatment modality

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