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Arthritis in Sle

SLE characteristically cause nonerosive arthritis of two or more peripheral joints. Most commonly in hands, wrists and knees. Erosions on joint x- ray suggests a non-lupus inflammatory arthropathy e.g. RA.

  1. Bechet’s Syndrome: Causes non-deformity arthritis.
    Usually associated with HLA- B5 and B51. Blacks are not affected. Diagnostic criteria are
    1. Essential Criteria (Major Criteria)
      Recurrent oral ulceration
      1. Plus two of the following (Minor Criteria)
        Recurrent genital ulcerations
      2. Skin lesions eg. folliculitis, erythema nodosum, acne like exanthema & vasculitis
      3. Pathergy test i.e. nonspecific skin inflammatory reactivity to any scratches or intradermal saline injection
      4. Eye involvement eg. bilateral panuveitis (m.c), retinal vessel occlusion & optic neuritis.

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