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  1. Smothering: closing the external respiratory orifices (mouth and nostrils) by the hand, cloth etc.
  2. Gagging:  closure of mouth by forcing a cloth inside it which may obstruct the pharynx or force the base of tongue against the pharynx.
  3. Choking: obstruction within the air passage by a small object blocking the lumen (even partial obstruction may cause death by spasm) Overlaying: compression of chest + smothering, occurs unknowingly when a mother or any person shares a bed with an infant.
  4. Traumatic asphyxia: respiratory arrest due to mechanical fixation of the chest. caused by crushing, by fall of earth in a coal mine or building collapse.   
Extra Edge
  1. Café coronary:
    1. healthy but grossly intoxicated person who begins a meal Suddenly, turns blue, cough violently and then collapses cause of death in café coronary –choking.
    2. vaso vagal syncope following laryngeal spasm.
    3. Vagal over activity may lead to cardiac arrest in a few no.of case.

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