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  1. Tardieu’s spots are petechial haemorrhages found in asphyxia.
  2. They are most marked because of mechanical reasons, and their distribution is seen above the level of obstruction in asphyxia.
  3. They appear as rash-like shower in the scalp, eyebrows and face in hanging and strangulation and in the area above the level of obstruction in traumatic asphyxia. They are produced due simple mechanical obstruction to the venous return of blood from the parts, resulting in acute rise in venous pressure and in over-distension and rupture of thin-walled peripheral venules and capillaries, especially in lax unsupported tissues, such as the eyelids, forehead, skin behind ears, circumoral skin, conjunctivae and skin.)

Types of Asphyxia:
  1. Suffocation
  2. Compression of neck
  3. Drowning

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