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Gangllon blocking agents



A. Competitive blockers

B. Persistent depolarizing blockers

  • Quaternary ammonium compounds:  Hexamethonium, Pentolinium
  • Amines (secondary/ tertiary) : Mecamylamine, Pempidine
  • Monosulfunium compound: Trimethaphan camforsulfonate
  • Nicotine (large dose),
  • Anticholinesterases (large dose)


  1. USES: There is at present no clinical relevance of ganglion blockers
  2. Nicotine transdermal has recently become available for treatment of nicotine dependence and as an aid to smoking cessation
  3. Varenicline This N* subtype nicotinic receptor partial agonist is under clinical development for smoking cessation. Abstinence rates after one year were higher than placebo and comparable to bupropion.
  4. Rimonabant A selective cannabinoid receptor-l (CB-l) antagonist which is being tried as anti-smoking and antiobesify drug.
  5. Trimethaphan It is an ultrashort acting ganglion blocker; has been occasionally used to produce controlled hypoten- sion.
  6. Mecamylamine alone, as well as in combination with nicotine patch, has been tried for smoking cessation. It appears to biock the reward effect of nicotine and improve abstinence rate compared to placebo and in hypertensive emergency due to aortic dissection.


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