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  1. BMW Management
    1. Hospital Waste Composition?
  1. Paper: 15%
  2. Plastic: 10%
  3. Rags: 15%
  4. Metals (Sharps, etc): 1.0%
  5. Infectious waste: 1.5%
  6. Glass: 4.0%
  7. General waste (food waste, sweeping of premises) : 53.5%
  1. Biomedical Waste Management (BMW) in India
    1. Biomedical Wastes (BMW) in India are handled and managed under 'Biomedical Waste Management (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998'Q
    2. Exercising powers: Sections 6, 8, 25 of 'Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986' (under the Ministry of
    3. Environment and Forests)
    4. Schedules under Biomedical Waste Management (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998:
      1. Schedule I: Categories of BMV'{, treatment and disposal
      2. Schedule II: Color coding and type of container for BMW disposal
      3. Schedule III: Labels for BMW containers/bags
      4. Schedule IV: Label for transport of BMW containers/bags
      5. Schedule V: Standards for treatment and disposal of BMW
  2. Categories of Biomedical Wastes (BMW) (Schedule IQ)




 Wastes includedQ


 Human Anatomical Waste

 Human tissues, organs, body parts


 Animal Waste

 Animal tissues, body parts, organs, carcasses, fluids, blood


 Microbiology and
 Biotechnology Waste

 Waste from lab cultures, stocks, specimens of microorganisms,
 live or attenuated vaccines, cell cultures (human/animal), wastes
 from production of biologicals, toxins


 Waste Sharps

 Needles, syringes, blades, scalpels, glass


 Discarded Medicines and
 Cytotoxic Drugs

 Outdated contaminated and discarded medicines


 Soiled Waste

 Items contaminated with blood, and fluids, including cotton,
 dressings, soiled plaster casts, linen, beddings


 Solid Waste

 Disposable items (except sharps) including tubing, catheters,
 intravenous sets


 Liquid Waste

 Waste generated from lab and washing, cleaning, housekeeping
 and disinfecting activities


 Incineration Ash

 Ash from incineration of any BMW


 Chemical Waste

 Chemical used in disinfection (insecticides) or in production of




  1. Treatment/Disposal of Biomedical Wastes (Schedule IQ)





 Human Anatomical Waste

 Incineration/deep burial


 Animal Waste

 Incineration/deep burial


 Microbiology and
 Biotechnology Waste

 Local autoclaving/microwave/incineration


 Waste Sharps

 Chemical treatment autoclaving/microwave and mutilation/shredding


 Discarded Medicines and
 Cytotoxic Drugs

 Incineration/destruction/secured landfills


 Soiled Waste



 Solid Waste

 Chemical treatment autoclaving/microwave, mutilation!shredding


 Liquid Waste

 Chemical treatment


 Incineration Ash

 Sanitary landfill


 Chemical Waste

 Chemical treatment and secured landfill (for solids)


  1. Colour Coding and Type of Container for BMW Disposal (Schedule IIQ)

 Color coding

 Type of container?

 BMW category

 Treatment option?


 Plastic bag


 Incineration! deep burial


 Disinfected container/
 Plastic bag


 Autoclave/ Microwave/ Chemical treatment

 Blue/ White translucent

 Plastic bag

 4, 7

 Autoclave/ Microwave/ Chemical treatment and
 Destruction/ Shredding


 Plastic bag

 5,9, 10 (solid)

 Secured landfill


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