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Mental Health


Causes of Mental Health Disorders

  1. Organic conditions: Cerebral arteriosclerosis, neoplasma, metabolic diseases, endocrine diseases and chronic diseases (TB, leprosy, epilepsy)
  2. Heredity: Schizophrenia  
  3. Socia-pathological: Worries, anxiety, emotional stress, tension, frustration, unhappy  married life, broken homes, poverty, industrialization, urbanization, cruelty, rejection, neglect, etc.

Situational Analysis

  1. WHO analysis shows a global point prevalence of neuro-psychiatric conditions is about 10% for adult
  2. MCC of DALYs lost: Unipolar depressive disorders
  3. MCC of deaths: Alzheimer's and other dementias
  4. Mental morbidity in India: 18-20 per 1000.


DALYs Lost due to Mental Health Disorders


Type of disorder

DALYs Lost

Unipolar depressive disorders


Alcohol disorders




Bipolar affective disorders


Alzheimer’s dementia







Diagnostic Criteria

  1.  DSM-IV Criteria: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Text Revision,
  2.  DSM-IV-TR, is a manual published by the American Psychiatric Association (AP A) that includes all  
  3. currently recognized mental health disorders
  • International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10 criteria.

Important Days of Public Health Importance

30th January                                                        Anti-Leprosy Day *

2nd Wednesday of March                                      No Smoking Day

8th March                                                            International Women's Day

15th March                                                          World Disabled Day

24th March                                                          World TB Day

7th April                                                               World Health Day

25th April                                                             World Malaria Day

8th May                                                                World Red Cross Day

31st May                                                              No Tobacco Day

5th June                                                               World Environment Day

14th June                                                             World Blood Donor Day

26th June                                                             International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

1st July                                                                  Doctors day

11th July                                                               World Population Day

28th July                                                               World Hepatitis Day

8th September                                                    World Literacy Day

28th September                                                 World Rabies Day

1st October                                                         Intemational Day for Older Persons

1st October                                                         National Voluntary Blood Donation Day

2nd Wednesday of October                             World Disaster Reduction Day

9th October                                                         World Sight Day

10th October                                                      World Mental Health Day '

24th October                                                      UN Day

10th November                                                  Universal Immunization Day

25th November                                                  In 1 Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

1 st December                                                    World AIDS Day

3rd December                                                    International Day of Disabled Persons

10 th December                                                 Human Rights Day

Last Week of April                                              World Immunisation Week

1-7th May                                                            Anti-Malaria Week

1-3Oth June                                                         Anti-Malaria Month

1-8th August                                                        World Breast Feeding Week

25th August-8th September                             Eye Donation Fortnight

15-21st November                                             Newborn Care Week

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