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Types of Errors

  1. Two types of errors can be made in the test of hypothesis:
    1. Type I Error:- the probability of committing type I error is P value. (AIIMS Nov’08 & May’09)
      That is the rejection of null hypothesis in spite being true
      Also called as Alpha error. Q
      Type I error = False positive error = P value   
      (Pneumonic: RNTCP = Rejecting Null Hypothesis when it is true. ANF accepting null hypothesis
      when it is false)
    2. Type II Error:- Beta Error Q
      Accepting null hypothesis in spite being false.
      Power (1-Beta) is defined as the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis when it is false. Normally accepted value for power is 80%. Levels of type I error are usually kept at or under 5%, the measure of alpha error is also called the ‘p’ value. Thus a ‘p’ value < .05 means the probability of getting a difference as extreme as; or more, given the fact that in reality no difference exists is less than 5%, in other words, the difference because of chance; is less than 5%.
​​Type II = Beta error = False negative error

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