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Other Tumor like lesion


  1. It is most common soft tissue tumors (swelling) of hand & wrist. It arises from leakage of synovial fluid from a joint or tendon sheath.
  2. It is a unilocular cystic structure filled with mucinous fluid but without a synovial or epithelial lining. In most cases, stalk can be identified, communicating between the cyst and adjacent joint or tendon sheath.
  3. It usually develops on dorsal surface of scapho lunate ligament. Back of wrist is the commonest site

Description: nr55551984

  1. The three most common location of ganglion are dorsal wrist (from scapholunate joint), > palmar wrist (radioscaphoid or scaphotrapezial joint), digital flexor sheath and distal interphalangeal joint.
  2. Compound palmar ganglion is neither ganglion nor compound and is d/t chronic inflammation of common sheath of flexor tendon both above and below flexor retinaculum causing hour glass swelling. RA and tuberculosis are the commonest cause.

Fibrous dysplasia

  1. Developmental abnormality
  2. F > M all age
  3. Proximal femur > Ribs > maxilla
  4. Hypophosphatemia
  5. Associated with McCune Albright syndrome, Mazabraud syndrome
  6. 1% risk malignant transformation
  7. Histology: alphabets soup/ Chinese letter
  8. X-ray: Shepherds crook deformity, Ground glass appearance.



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