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Hypertensive Heart Disease (HHD)

  1. Systemic     
  2. Pulmonary
  1. Systemic HHD:

1.  Minimal criteria - Q

  1. LV hypertrophy (often concentric) in absence of other CVS abnthat might have induced it
  2. History or pathologic evidence of hypertension 

2.  Pulmonary HHD/CorPulmonale:

  1. Constitutes RV hypertrophy, dilation and potentially failure secondary to pulmonary HT caused by disorders of lung or   pulmonary vasculature. Q
  2. Disorders of Pulm. Parenchyma - COPD, interstitial fibrosis. Pneumoconiosis Disorders of Pulm vessels
  3. Disorders affecting chest movement - kyphoscoliosis, Pickwickian syndrome Q
  4. Disorders inducing pulmonary arterial constrictions - hypoxemia chronic altitude sickness
    Acute CorPulmonale → Dilation Massive pulmonary embolism
    Chronic CorPulmonale ~ Hypertrophy (& dilation) ~ prolonged pressure overload  

Hypertension is associated with two forms of small bloods vessel disease. 
  1. Hyaline arteriosclerosis
    It is seen is benign hypertensionQ. Arterioles shows homogenous pink hyaline thickening with associated luminal narrowing. These changes stem from plasma protein leakage across injured endothelial cells & increased smooth muscle cell matrix synthesis in response to chronic hemodynamic stress. 
  2. Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis
Sudden Cardiac Death:
Unexpected death from cardiac cause early (usually within 1 hour) often without the onset of symptoms

Ultimate mechanism: arrhythmia
  1. 80-90% -Atherosclerotic lesion        
  2. 10-20% - Non atherosclerotic lesion

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