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Vinca Alkaloids

  1. Example
    1. Vincristine
    2. Vinorelbine
    3. Vinblastine
  2. M phase specific (inhibit microtubule depolymerization)
  3. Rapid acting
  4. Use Leukemia/lymphoma
  5. Not absorbed orally
  6. Given IV as infusion
    i. Vincristine
    → Used with l-asparginase
    Induction of childhood leuekemia (ALL)
    i. Used with cytosine arabinoside
    Induction of adult leuekemia (AML)


  1. Neuropathy
    1. More with vincristine
    2. Less with vinblastine
  2. Constipation (even paralytic ileus!)
  3. Bone marrow depression
    1. Less with vincristine                        
    2. More with vinblastine
    3. SIADH (More with vincristine)            
    4. Vinorelbine has intermediate side effects

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