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Miscellaneous drugs

  1. Adenosine
    1. Very potent                                     
    2. Shortest acting        
    3. Half life =10 seconds (Given as IV infusion)              
    4. Acts upon A1 & A2 receptors
      Both are G protein coupled receptors; increase K+ permeability
    5. A1 is therapeutic &  A2 contribute to side effects. 
    6. Adenosine is AV nodal blocker
    7. DOC for PSVT
    8. Side effects are:
      1. Flushing
      2. AV Block (Heart Block)
    9. Drug interactions
  • Theophylline blunts its effects
    • It is adenosine blocker
  • Dipyridamol potentiates
    • It is adenosine reuptake inhibitor
  1. Amrinone/milrinone (bipyridines)
    1. Short acting
    2. Proarrhythmics
    3. PD-III inhibitors-increase cAMP
    4. K/a inodilators-increase contractility & dilate blood vessels
    5. Use
  • CHF with arrhythmias (DOC is amiodarone)


Thrombocytopenia (Amrinone causes more, milrinone causes less)

  1. Magnesium
    1. Suppresses early after depolarization
    2. Used in torsa de depointes (IV)
  2. Digoxin
    AV blocker; used in PSVT to prevent recurrence


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