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Cardiovascular System

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Carotid sinus stimulation would result in

A Decreased vagal activity

B Increased heart rate

C Decreased sympathetic discharge to heart

D Increased vasomotor tone

Ans. C Decreased sympathetic discharge to heart

Baro receptor:-

1. Carotid sinus and Aortic arch receptors are baroreceptors. Afferent Nerve for carotid sinus IX CN And afferent nerve for Aortic arch is X CN

2. They are stimulated when the pressure is increased, and stretched the wall.

3. They increased baroreceptor discharge inhibits the tonic discharge of the vasoconstrictor nerve (i.e. sympathetic activity) and excites the vagal innervation of the heart, producing vasodilation, venodilation, drop in BP, bradycardia, and a decrease in COP.