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Causes of papillary necrosis include all except? (LQ)

A Sickle cell disease
B Diabetes

C Chronic alcoholism
D Thalassemia

Ans. D Thalassemia

Renal papillary Necrosis

a. Renal papillary necrosis is typically caused by ischaemic necrosis and sloughing of Renal Papillae

b. It is clinically characterized by

i. Loin Pain ii. Hematuria iii. Variable degree of renal impairment

Causes of papillary necrosis include:

i. Diabetes (M/C cause)

ii· Sickle cell disease

iii· Analgesic Abuse Nephropathy

iv· Obstruction in association with infection

v· Chronic alcoholism

vi· Vascular diseases

Note: Tuberculosis is not a cause of necrotizing papillitis