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Elimination disorder

  1. Nocturnal Enuresis – passing of urine in bed at night twice a week for 3 months or impairment in social, occupational functioning & distress, after 5 years of age. It is of two type:
    1. Primary type - Child was never dry
    2. Secondary Type – Child was dry for six months and then again passing urine in the bed at night.
Most common type is secondary type and the most common cause for secondary type is stress and/or anxiety.
Treatment of choice is behavior therapy. – Pad and Bell therapy, Alarm thearpy. DOC is intra nasal spray of desmopressin and imipramine is also given.
  1. Encopresis - Diagnosed after 4 years
Diagnosis: Repeated passage of feaces into inappropriate places whether involuntary or intentional. One event a month for three months.

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