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Sexual perversions

In sexual perversions, complete satisfaction is sought and obtained without sexual intercourse
  1. SADISM: sexual gratification by torturing or inflicting pain on someone.
  2. MASOCHISM: opposite to sadism.
  3. BONDAGE is combination of sadism and masochism.
  4. LUST MURDER: murder serves as stimulus for sexual act.
  5. NECROPHILIA: sexual intercourse with dead body.
  6. NECROPHAGIA: sexual gratification by eating the dead body.
  7. FETICHISM: sexual satisfaction by contact with articles of opposite sex like hanky, sandals, clothes.
  8. FROTTURISM: rubbing the genitalia with the body of the person of other sex for sexual satisfaction.
  9. TRANSVESTISM/ EONISM (trans = opposite; vista = clothing): whole personality is dominated by the desire of being identified with the opposite sex. His dress, manner, occupational interest and associations are all designed to increase his feeling of being a woman. There is no hormonal disturbance or genital abnormality.
  10. SATYRIASIS: incessant sexual desire in males.
  11. TRIOLISM: getting sexual pleasure by inducing his wife to have sex with another person.
  12. URANISM: general term for perversion of sexual instinct
  13. VOYEURISM/SCOPTOPHILIA: Peeping tom. It is sexual satisfaction by watching the sexual act.
  14. UNDINISM: sexual satisfaction by watching the act of urination..
  15. PYROMANIA: sexual stimulation while seeing flames.
  16. EXHIBITIONISM: sexual gratification by exposing one’s genitalia. Punishable under sec 294 I.P.C. with imprisonment upto 3 months or fine.
  17. MASTURBATION/ IPSATION/ ONANISM: its an offence when practiced openly like in telephone booths or lavatories.

    Sexual Asphyxia - Partial asphyxia causes cerebral disturbances with feeling of sexual gratification. The impaired consciousness caused by pressure on carotid vessels or partial obstruction of air passages may lead to hallucinations of an erotic nature.
    These cases are associated with some form of abnormal sexual behaviour- Masochism and Transvestism.
    The victims are always males, and usually young.
    Also called auto erotic Asphyxia or auto erotic deaths.
    Other features :- 
    1. Partial hanging (Neck is padded between neck and ligature)
    2. May be naked or wearing female dress
    3. Pornographic literature

Unnatural sexual offences

Voluntary sexual intercourse against the order of nature with any man or woman or animal ( sec 377 I.P.C ) Punishable with imprisonment for life or upto 10 yrs.

  1. TRIBADISM/LESBIANISM: female homosexuality.
  2. BESTIALITY: sexual intercourse with lower animals
  3. SIN OF GOMARRAH: buccal coitus/ coitus per os. obtaining sexual pleasure from application of the mouth to the sexual organs.
    1. Feliatio: oral stimulation of penis
    2. Cunnilingus: oral stimulation of the female genitalia
  4. SODOMY/BUGGARY: anal intercourse with a male or female. Only proof is semen in anus.
    Types: Gerentophilia- The passive agent is adult.
    Paederasty – the passive agent is a young boy k/a Catamite. The adult who is the active agent is Pedophile.

Types of Natural Sexual Offences

  1. INCEST: coitus with blood relatives. . It is not punishable in India
  2. RAPE
    1. When the victim is <16 yrs of age, the sexual intercourse in any case amounts to rape and the question of consent or non-consent doesn’t arise as a woman of only 16 yrs and above can give a consent for sexual intercourse and this has been described as Statutory rape.
    2. The slightest penetration of penis within the vulva with/without the emission of semen or rupture of hymen is required.
    3. Rape can be committed even when there is inability to produce the erection of penis.
    4. Rape on virgin causes tear at postero-lateral aspect (5 or 7 o’clock position) of hymen.
    5. In India, there is no age limit under which a boy is considered physically incapable of committing rape.
    6. Medical proof of intercourse is not legal proof of rape.
    7. Rape is a cognizable offence
    8. Under the law, rape can only be committed by a man and a woman cannot rape a man except in France where even a female can be charged of rape. In India, a woman can be charged to have committed ‘INDECENT ASSAULT’ on a man.
  3. ADULTERY (only males are punishable under 497 IPC)

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