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The hymen is a fold of mucous membrane about one mm thick situated at the vaginal outlet. The average adult hymen consists of folds of membrane having annular or crescentic shapeQ, the broadest part lying posteriorly.

  1. Types of Hymen-
    1. Semilunar or CrescenticQ: opening is placed anteriorly.
    2. Annular: opening is oval and situated near the centre of the membrane.
    3. Infantile: a small linear opening in the middle.
    4. Cribriform: several openings.
    5. Vertical: opening is vertical.
    6. Septate: two lateral opening occur, side by side.
    7. Imperforate: No opening. 
  2. Glaister Keene rods –
    1. These are used for close examination of the hymen
    2. These are glass or plastic rods with a diameter of 6 mm having a globe at one end and varying in size from one to two and half cm.
    3. The rod is warmed to body temperature and passed through the hymenal orifice, spherical head first.
    4. Then it is passed round the posterior surface of hymen, which is slightly stretched by separation of labia minora. In this way, the edges of the hymen become slightly everted. By slowly rotating the sphere around the edges, natural notches are easily differentiated from tears, recent or old.
    5. This method does not cause pain or injury.

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