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Tests for Seminal Stains

  1. LUGOL’S IODINE TEST: washing of the glans penis of accused gives brown colour up to 4th day due to presence of glycogen in vaginal epithelial cells. (AIPG 09)
    Detection of seminal stains is done in rape, sexual murder, sodomy and bestiality.
    If smegma is present around glans of penis, it suggests that the person did not have sexual intercourse in the last 24 hrs.
  3. Chemical examination:  
    1. Florence test: (Choline per iodide crystals) : Florence solution is potassium iodide, iodine and water. dark brown, rhombic crystals of choline iodide resembling haemin are seen.(choline comes form seminal vesicals)
    2. Barberio’s test: presence of spermin is detected. Spermine picrate crystals are seen
    3. Acid phosphatase test: the prostatic secretion has a very high % of acid phosphatase
    4. Creatine phosphokinase: CPK is high in seminal fluids and can be detected even in 6 month old stains.
    5. Ammonium molybedate test : it detects the presence of phosphorous
    6. Glycoprotein P3O test
    7. MHS – S1 : highly reliable for semen
    8. Serological typing by precipitin method
    9. Saliva detection by 1- amylase test
  4. Absolute proof of semen- if in a sample one intact spermatozoa is demonstrated then it is taken as semen.

Dry Semen stains on clothes identified by (AIIMS Nov 09)


A. Spectroscopy




C. Infrared rays


D. Magnifying LENS


Ans. 2. UV light. 


Irresistible sexual desire- (AIIMS May 08)
A. Nymphomania
B. Satyrism
C. Sadism
D. Tribadism

Ans. 2. (Satyrism )

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