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4 out of 6

Clubbing is seen in? (NEET 2013)

A Myxoma
B Endocarditis

C Bronchiectasis
D All of the above

Ans. D

All of the above

Cardiac myxoma

1. Benign Q cardiac tumour. It is the most common benign tumour of heart.

2. Most common tumour of heart is myxoma

3. Commonest site of myxoma is left atrium.

4. Usually sporadicQ, may be familial Q (autosomal-dominant) Q. (May 2007)

5. It may mimic infective endocarditis (fever, weight loss, clubbing, raised ESR), or mitral stenosis Q (left atrial obstruction, systemic emboli, Af).

6. A 'tumour plop' may be heard, and signs may changed according to posture.

7. Gradient in pulmonary artery wedge pressure and left ventricular end diastolic pressure is seen in Left atrial myxoma.

8. Distance metastasis does not occur.

9. Tests: Echocardiography.

10. Treatment: Excision. Recurrence can occur specially in familial type – Harrison, 18th edition, page 1980)