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Rehabilitative Methods

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Cochlear implant is done in: (LQ)

A Scala vestibuli

B Scala tympani

C Cochlear duct

D Endolymphatic duct

Ans. B Scala tympani

M/C site of electrode placement in cochlear implant is scala tympani of cochlea via cochleostomy (. opening basal turn of cochlea).

This allows the electrodes to be in close proximity to the spiral ganglion cells and their dendrites.

Round window is a route for approach to cochlea in those cases where a separate cochleostomy cannot be drilled.


M/C Surgical approach for placing cochlea implant = Facial Recess approach (Posterior tympanotomy) which involves doing a cortical mastoidectomy.

Recently Veria technique (Non-Mastoidectomy technique) is gaining popularity for cochlear implantation. It uses transcanal approach.

Advantage of Vera technique


less chances of injuring facial nerve

Suitable in young children where mastoid has not developed fully.

Minimal bone trauma :. fast healing and less complication rate