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Infectious Mononucleosis

  1. Caused by Epstein Barr virus.
  2. Incubation period 4-5weeks.
  3. No age exempt.
  4. Transmission occurs by intimate contact.
  5. Blood transmission can transmit.
  6. Most infectious subclinical.
  7. Infects susceptible B lymphocyte attaching to its specific C3d receptor on cell surface.
  8. Fever, malaise , sore throat followed by generalized LAP a week later along with hepatomegaly.
  9. Ulceration at junction of soft and hard palate
  10. Maculopapular rash present.
  11. Immunocompromised children prone to develop fatal disease or B lymphomas.
  12. Absolute lymphocytosis (atypical T-cells in peripheral smear) Q
  13. SGOT and SGPT are elevated.
  14. Paul Bunnell Davidsohn test is positive.(-ve in children less than 4 yrs)
  15. Heterophile antibody test is positive.
  16. Screening test of choice : monospot test.
  17. Ampicillin produces rash in IM.
  18. No specific treatment. Acyclovir used in chronic IM and EBV as polyclonal lympho proliferation. 


  1. pneumonia                  
  2. Airway obstruction                
  3. GBS
  4. Aseptic meningitis                        
  5. Hemolysis anemia        
  6. Aplastic anaemia
  7. Splenic rupture                    
  8. Myocarditis.

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