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Tubal Ligation Reversal

The remaining length of the tube is one of the most important factors influencing reversal. The more the length, the more successful the results. Minimum length of reconstructed tube should be 4 cm an4 the ampullary part should be at least 2cm.

The patients should be told in clear terms about chance of success of the reversal procedure, which depends a lot upon preoperative workup and laparotomy findings. They should be informed of the 10 times higher chance of ectopic pregnancy, with danger to the life of the woman herself, following the reversal procedure.

Results of Microsurgical Reconstructive Surgery After Sterilization Procedures


Sterilization Procedure

Term Pregnancy (Range %)

Ectopic Pregnancy

(Range %)

Spring-loaded clip

88 (75-100)

2 (0.4)

Ring occlusion (silas tic bands)

75 (44-95)

2 (0-4)

Pomeroy ligation

59 (45-70)

2 (0-3)


43 (26-58)

5 (0-9)


NOTE: Most suitable for reversal is clips followed by silastic bands, BUT most commonly used for laparoscopic tubal ligation is silastic band followed by clips Least suitable for reversal is monopolar cautery followed by bipolar cautery technique.

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