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Vaccines for Fertility Control

Researchers are now concentrating on the development of three types of vaccines:

  1. Anti-HCG vaccine: While a number of contraceptive vaccines are being developed, the one that utilizes human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) as the target is in the most advanced stage.
    Antibodies produced by the anti-HCG vaccine neutralize HCG from the fertilized egg or early embryo and intercept this signal; as a result, the progesterone level is not sustained by the corpus luteum, leading to endometrial shedding along with loss of the fertilized ovum at the implantation stage of development.
  2. Anti-Zona vaccine: For more than two decades, attempts have been made to develop vaccines against antigens located on the surface of the ovum as well as of the sperm. Antibodies against zona pellucida achieve their contraceptive effect by occluding sperm receptor sites on the surface of the ovum, thereby preventing union of sperm and ovum.
  3. Anti-sperm vaccine: A nonhormonal contraceptive method based on the immunological capacities of sperm- surface antigens, this will prevent conception by hindering sperm-ovum union.

The time periods for replacement for various IUDs are:


Copper T 200            3 years


Copper T 380A          10 years


Multiload Cu 250       3 years


Multiload 375            5 years


LNG-IUS/Mirena        5 years


Progestasert             1 year


Nova T                     5 years


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Category of Patient

Ideal Contraception

Contraception can be used

1. Female with medical diseases

a. Heart Ds

b. Diabetes

c. Asthametics




2. Distanthy placed couples



3. Newly married couples



4. Female with PID



5. Lactating Mothers



6. H/o H Mole



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