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Cutaneous Tuberculosis and Ami

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Cutaneous tuberculosis secondary to underlying tissue is called (LQ)


A Scrofuloderma
B Lupus vulgaris
C Tuberculous verrucosa cutis
D Spina ventosa
Ans. A

1). Scrofuloderma - This term is used for cases in which tuberculosis first develops in a lymph nodes or a bone producing a swelling and subsequently ruptures through the overlying skin

The lesion in such a case consists of a single or multiple sinuses.

2). Lupus vulgaris - This is the commonest manifestations of cutaneous tuberculosis and is frequently seen in children and young adults.

a. The lesion consists of a single, erythematous, irregularly indurated plaque, which may be ulcerated.

b. Sometimes the lesion is more verrucous and dry or it is made of several large nodules arranged in an annular fashion

3). Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis - This is a lesions which is not easily distinguishable from lupus vulgaris, because the only difference lies in the lesions being more verrucous and that is usually located on the hand or foot.

4). Spina- ventosa - Tuberculosis commonly occurring in metacarpals regions of hand.

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