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Cylinders are made up of molybdenum steel

  1. O2 Cylinders
    1. Pressure – 2000 psi (or 137 kg/cm2)
    2. Colour – Black body with white shoulders
    3. Available in sizes from AA to H
    4. Most commonly used cylinder on anaesthesia machine is type E
    5. Liquid O2
      1. Special supply reservoirs are used
    6. Advantages
      1. Can be used away from hospital e.g. in wars, portable low wt. low gas pressure
      2. Liquid O2 must be stored below its critical temperature of – 119oC
      3. 1 ml of liquid oxygen releases 840ml of gas
  2. N2O cylinders
    1. Pressure – 760 psi
    2. Colour – blue
    3. Filled as liquid

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