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Colour & pin index of anesthetic gases
Gas Pin index Color Of Cylinder
Air 1&5  
O2 2&5 Body black & white shoulder
N20 3&5 Blue
CO2 1&6 Grey
Cyclopropane 3&6 Orange
Entonox 7 Blue body + white shoulders
Halothane - Amber
Ethylene - Red

Anesthesia Breathing System
a. Mapleson B system more efficient during controlled ventilation
b. Mapleson C system Water's to-and-fro
c. Mapleson D system Bain co-axial system is commonly used modification, used for controlled ventilation
d. Mapleson E system
fresh gas inlet is nearer the face mask 1ETT:
i. widely used in pediatric patient
ii. dentical with Ayre's T- piece system with no reservoir bag
e. Mapleson F system same as above + reservoir bag
Jackson Ree added a double-ended bag to the end of the reservoir tubing] most popular & widely used in pediatric patients
Boyle's anesthetic machine
  1. Continuous flow type of machine to provide inhalation anesthesia, also used for artificial ventilation.
  2. It is equipped with 2O2 cylinder, 2N2O cylinder.
  3. Cylinders are made up of Molybdenum steel (NOS in each) to withstand with high pressures.
Soda lime circuit (closed circuit)
For efficient CO2 absorption the common absorber used is soda lime. Exhaled gas is passed through the soda lime granules (which is a mixture of 94% Ca (OH2)2 + 5% NaOH + 1% KOH) some silicates are also added to prevent powdering
  1. Moisture 14-19% is also needed for efficient CO2 absorption.
  2. It absorbs CO2 & produces H2O + heat thereby humidify & warms inspired gases.
  3. 1 gm of soda lime absorbs 88m1 of CO2 & temp within the canister may increases up to 60oC.
  4. Anesthetic gases to be avoided in Soda lime -: Trichloroethylene & sevoflurane at higher temperature.

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