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Damage to Primary Auditory Cortex at one side will lead to? (LQ)

A loss of any awareness of sound in the ipsilateral side

B loss of any awareness of sound in the both side

C No effect in hearing

D Only high pitch sound hearing is affected on ipsilateral side.

Fig: Mechanisms of speech and language.

Ans. C

No effect in hearing

Ref. Shambough Ear Surgery 5 e/115

LESIONS OF THE AUDITORY CORTEX. Tumors or other lesions of the temporal lobe affecting the auditory cortex on the one side have few obvious effects on hearing.

a. Pure-tone thresholds are little affected, and speech discrimination is usually normal bilaterally when tested using standard methods.

b. Therefore, the auditory cortex on the unaffected side must receive input from both ears despite findings from anatomic studies indicating that the auditory pathways are mainly crossed.

c. Although there are uncrossed connections from the cochlear nucleus to the IC, it is assumed that bilateral representation is achieved by connections between the two primary auditory cortices through the corpus callosum.

d. Bilateral representation is, not complete, as indicated by the finding that the discrimination of low-redundancy speech is impaired when presented to the ear contralateral to the affected side

Extra Edge:

i. Pure alexia = Comprehension impaired only for reading

ii. Pure words deafness = Comprehension impaired only for spoken words (Ref. Hari-18th ed. Pg 205)