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Demography and Family Planning

  1. Scientific study of human population
    1. Comprises of 3 human phenomenon
      1. Change in population size
      2. Composition of population
      3. Distribution of population in space
    2. 5 demographic processes:
      1. Fertility
      2. Mortality
      3. Marriage
      4. Migration
      5. Social mobility: movement from one SES to other – leading to change in fertility since fertility is directly proportional to income, education and occupation.
    3. Demographic cycle:

      1. High stationary: high BR= High DR, India till1920.
      2. Early expanding: high BR &DR starts declining e.g. SEA & Africa.
      3. Late expanding: BR starts declining & DR further declines BR>DR e.g. India (AI’09).
      4. Low stationary: low BR =low DR e.g. Austria (zero growth rate), UK, Denmark, Sweden & Belgium (0.1%).
      5. Declining: BR < DR &population starts declining e.g. Germany & Hungary.

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