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Child health

Activities under child health include
  1. Universal immunization program (U.I.P.)
Now includes MMR and Hepatitis B vaccines in addition to the earlier 6 vaccine preventable diseases. The current coverage levels are (% of targets)
  1. DPT                 …………………………  85.6%
  2. OPV                                …………………………. 85.8%
  3. BCG                 …………………………. 94.2%
  4. Measles         …………………………. 81.5%
  5. TT (pregnant women).78.4%
    1. Immunization schedule under UIP.
Age vaccine q
Birth BCG and Polio (0 dose) - 0.1ml intradermally (i.d.)
6 weeks DPT and Polio 1st dose – 0.5ml intramuscular (I/M) polio 2 drops oral
10 weeks DPT and Polio 2nd dose
14 weeks DPT and Polio 3rd dose
9 months Measles and Vitamin A 1st dose (1 lakh IU) – 0.5ml subcutaneous (s.c.)
15-18 months DPT and Polio booster + Vitamin A 2nd dose (2 lakh IU)
  1. Essential newborn care
  2. Oral rehydration therapy
  3. Acute respiratory disease control
  4. Prevention and control of Vitamin A deficiency in children
  5. Intensified Pulse polio immunization program
3 more doses of Vitamin A are given subsequently at 6 months interval. In addition to this 2 other vaccines are given as a part of UIP in Delhi: Hepatitis B vaccine is given in 3 doses (0.5 ml i.m.) along with DPT I, II & III. A single dose of Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) is given at 15 – 18 months along with DPT-booster (0.5ml s.c.). Immunization coverage in the community is estimated by conducting surveys. 30/7 Cluster sampling methodology is used wherein 30 clusters are selected and 7 children (aged between 13 – 24 months) are selected from each cluster and their immunization status is recorded.                             

Please remember india has entered in phase II of RCH as a project in few states from December 2004
  1. Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
    Medical termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is permissible under certain conditions laid down in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971.  However, MTP should not be the mechanism for restricting family size or for avoiding unwanted births in routine.  Although official number of MTPs in the country is only about 6 lakh in a year but various experts/studies have estimated the actual number to be in the region of 4 million or more per year. Such MTPs (unsafe abortions) in unauthorized places where the essential facilities are not available and where sometimes even the person performing MTP is also neither qualified nor experienced are causes of many deaths and morbidity on a much larger scale.  To increase and improve facilities for MTP following steps under the RCH programme are being set up:-
    1. Need base training of at least one team for MTP (Medical Officer and staff nurse) for every hospital at district and sub district level, are being set-up through NIHFW.
    2. Govt. of India will provide equipment kits wherever doctors trained in MTP procedures are in position and OTs are available at District Hospital, CHCs PHCs.
    3. To supplement these regular arrangements the Government of India will also provide assistance by taking districts as units for engaging Doctors trained in MTP to the PHCs once a week or atleast once in a fortnight on a fixed day for performing MTP.  These doctors will be paid at the rate of Rs. 500 per day visit.  This facility is not available to those Government doctors who are substantively posted in the PHCs but are attached to hospitals.  These doctors will also provide antenatal care and postnatal care to the patients during their visit.
    4. In view of the importance of ensuring adequate facilities for MTP in the interest of women’s health, equipment assistance will be similarly provided to well run and competent medical clinics in the Non-Government sector if they have operation theatre and doctors/nurse trained in MTP procedure.
    5. In some states like Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim etc. the facility for provision of MTP services will not be made available below sub-district level.  In Madhya Pradesh, the MTP facilities will be made available only in block level PHCs and not in all PHCs.

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