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Maternal Health

  1. New Initiatives
    1. Training of MBBS doctors in Anesthetic Skills for Em Obs Care at FRU s 18 weeks training Programme
    2. Obstetric Management Skills training of MBBS doctors in Obstetric Management Skills FOGSI training for 16 weeks in all obstetric management skills
    3. Setting up of Blood Storage Centres (BSC) at FRU s
    4. Drugs and Cosmetics Act have been amended
    5. Developing a cadre of Community Level Skilled Birth Attendant
    6. Trained in midwifery for one year
    7. To provide maternal care at the community level
    8. Selected from the community
    9. Set up her practice after completion of her training
    10. Will not be a financial or administrative obligation to the health system in any way
    11. Left in the villages to practice the skills provided
    12. Serve in the same community for a minimum period of three years
    13. They will be given stipend for the training period and hostel facility will be provided at anm training centres
  2. Janani Suraksha Yojana
    Modification of National Maternity Benefit Scheme

    1. Objectives
      1. Reduction in MMR & IMR
      2. Focus on Institutional Delivery in BPL families
    2. Features
      1. Encouraging Small Family Norms
      2. Provision for Caesarean Section
      3. Encouraging Tubectomy/Laparoscopy
      4. Trained TBA to be Effective Link between Field Level Health Functionary & the BPL Woman
      5. Payment of Incentive to Dai/ASHA


  1. Vande Matram Scheme
    PPP with the involvement of FOGSI and Private Clinics
    1. Aim
      1. To reduce the maternal mortality and morbidity of the pregnant mothers by involving and utilizing the vast resources of specialists/trained work force available in the private sector
    2. Features
      1. Provide free ANC and postnatal check, counseling on nutrition, breastfeeding, spacing of birth etc.
      2. Any OBG specialist, maternity home, nursing home can volunteer
      3. IFA, oral pills, IT injections etc. provided by the respective DMO
    3. Operationalisation of Primary Health Facilities
      1. To operationalized about 2000 FRUs for providing Em Obs Care
      2. All CHCs & 50% of the PHCs are to be made functional for providing 24 Hrs. delivery services
    4. Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)
      1. Act as a link among beneficiary at village level, Anganwadi Worker and ANM under NRHM

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