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Maternal Mortality

  1. Maternal Mortality: It includes all deaths in women that are a direct result of pregnancy. It estimated that the maternal mortality rate of India is 407 per 100,000 live births (4.07/1000)
    1. Causes of Maternal Mortality in India
A. Direct Causes B. Indirect Causes
Hemorrhage 29.6% (biggest cause) Q
Puerperal Complications 16.1%
Obstructed Labor 9.5%
Abortions 8.9%
Toxemia of Pregnancy 8.3%
Anemia 19.0%
Pregnancy with Tuberculosis 4.6%
Pregnancy with Malaria 1.4%
Pregnancy with Viral Hepatitis 0.4%

Remember: -The Maternal Health Programme, which is a component of the Reproductive and Child Health Programme aims at reducing maternal mortality to less than 100 / 100,000 by the year 2010.
  1. The major interventions related to Maternal Health are:
    1. Essential Obstetric Care
      1. Essential obstetric care intends to provide the basic maternity services to all pregnant women through: Early registration of Pregnancy (within 12-16 weeks)
      2. Provision of minimum three ante natal check up by the ANM or Medical Officers to monitor the    progress of the pregnancy and to detect any risk/complications so that appropriate care including referral could be given on time.
      3. Promotion of institutional delivery and provision of safe delivery at home.
        Provision of postnatal care to monitor the postnatal recovery of the women and to detect    complications, which include appropriate referral.
    2. Emergency Obstetric Care
      1. Complications associated with pregnancies are not always predictable. Therefore, emergency obstetric care is an important intervention to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality. Under the CSSM Programme, 1748 referral units were identified and provided with required equipment.
      2. The new initiatives taken in respect of Maternal Health issues are:
        • Contractual appointment of staff
        • Additional ANM
        • Public Health Nurse/Staff Nurses
      3. PHCs/CHCs with adequate infrastructure for conducting deliveries will be able to engage PHN/Staff Nurse on contract basis during the project period or till the State Government is able to make a regular arrangement.
  • Hiring of Private Anesthetist
  • 24 hours delivery services at PHCs/CHCs               
  • Referral Transport to indigent families through panchayats:
  • Safe Motherhood (SM) Consultant
  1. To supplement the regular arrangement, provision have been made for engaging doctors
    Trained in MTP as SM Consultant who will visit to the PHC (including CHCs in NE States) once a week or at least once in a fortnight on a fixed day for performing MPT and other Maternal Health care services.
  • Dai Training
  • Improve the rch out reach services

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