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National drug policy on malaria (2013)

Diagnosis &Treatment
All fever cases diagnosed as malaria by either RDT or microscopy should be promptly given
effective treatment. The medicine chosen will depend upon whether the patient has vivax malaria or falciparum malaria as diagnosed by the blood test.

Treatment of Falciparum Malaria


Resistance to anti-malarial drugs
  1. Resistance can be defined as either the ability of a parasite strain to survive and/or multiply despite the administration and absorption of a drug given in doses equal to or higher than those usually recommended, but within the limits of tolerance of the patient.
  2. Many cases of  Plasmodium falciparum(PF) infections are becoming resistant to chloroquine in India.
  3. Drug resistance is said to occur in a place when the proportion of treatment failures exceeds 10% of all falciparum infections.
  4. In these places all Pf cases are treated with the drug ACT instead of chloroquine.

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