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Tumors of the External Auditory Canal

  1. Benign:
    1. Papilloma
    2. Adenoma
      1. Ceruminous (CERUMONA)has tendency to recur (+)
      2. Sebaceous adenoma
    3. Fibroma
    4. Exostoses
    5. Osteoma
  2. Exostoses
    1. Multiple
    2. Sessile hemispherical elevation
    3. B/L condition
    4. Arises in the deep part of the external auditory canal
    5. Associated with repeated exposure to cold water e.g. in Divers/ Swimmers (T/t drilling duct)
  3. Osteoma:
    1. Solitary
    2. Rounded, pedunculated
    3. U/L condition
    4. In the outer part of the E.A.C
    5. No T/t  till they are causing problems e.g. obstruction

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