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Elevated serum ferritin, serum iron and percent transferrin saturation are most consistent with the diagnosis of: (AIPG 2010)

A Iron deficiency anemia
B Anemia of chronic disease

C Hemochromatosis
D Lead poisoning

Ans. C


Table: Common Red Cell Appearances And Their Causes

1. Microcytosis (Reduced average cell size, MCV < 76 fl)

a. Iron deficiency

b. Sideroblastic anaemia

c. Thalassaemia

d. Lead toxicity

e. AOCD(+/-)

2. Macrocytosis (increased average cell size, MCV > 100 fl)

a. Vitamin B12/Folate deficiency

b. b. Hypothyroidism, Thiamine deficiency

c. Liver disease, alcohol

d. d. Drugs (e.g Zidovudine)

3. Normocytic with high reticulocyte count

a. Blood Loss

b. b. DIC

c. Hemolytic anemia

d. d. Sickle cell anemia

e. e. Hemangioma

4. Normocytic with low reticulocyte count

a. RBC aplasia (Diamond Black fan syndrome, Parvo virus)

b. Malignancy

c. Fanconi Anemia iv. AOCD v. CRF