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Contact Ulcers

Lesions: Saucer- like lesions
- Site- Medial edge of the vocal cord at the vocal process.
- Lesion: B/L & Symmetrical

  1. There is No epithelial defect, hence it is not a true ulcers
  2. Lesions have thickened epithelium with a central indentation
Features: Seen exclusively in males > 30 yrs
  1. Voice: Low – Pitched                                    
  2. Irritation in the throat
  3. Pain localized to the larynx which worsens on phonation
Etiology: Multifactorial
  1. Vocal abuse                     
  2. Emotional stress              
  3. Gastro- oesophageale reflux
Treatment: Voice rest for a long period of time
Good result with voice therapy

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