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Definition: Laryngocele is an air-filled cystic swelling due to dilatation of saccule of larynx

Fig: Laryngocele mixed type with internal and external components


  1. External (30%)                                                                                                 
  2. Internal (20%)
  3. Mixed type (50%)
  1. Sac arises from the laryngeal ventricle
  2. Expands into the neck through the thyrohyoid membrane
  3. Causes: Idiopathic/Obstructive (Carcinoma/papilloma of the larynx which act as a valve)
  4. Clinical features:
    1. Hoarseness with normal vocal cords
    2. Neck swelling
    3. Stridor
    4. Dysphagia, sore throat, snoring, pain or cough
  5. Infected sacs: Pyoceles
  1. X-ray: STN antero-posterior view with and without Valsalva maneuver
  2. CT Scan
  1. Excision of the saccule at its neck                          
  2. Together with removal of the upper half of the thyroid ala     

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