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Tubercular Laryngitis

  • Almost always associated with pulmonary T.B.
  • Symptoms:
  • Pain in the throat, Referred earache, Productive cough,  Hoarseness of voice
    First symptom -  weakness of voice followed by hoarseness
  • Sites affected: All regions can be affected
    Predilection for the posterior 1/3rd arytenoids, vocal cords and epiglottis
  • Features: tubercular laryngitis: Shows shallow ulcers with undermined edges (Mouse- nibbled appearance)
  • Pseudoedema of the epiglottis (Turban Epiglottis)
  • Diagnosis : Clinical examination/laryngoscopy/biopsy and Chest X-Ray + Sputum for AFB
  • Treatment: ATT
    First sign – Hyperemia of vocal cords with impaired adduction

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