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Vocal polyps

  1. Localized accumulation of fluid 0in the Reinke’s space with ballooning of the epithelium. Later followed by in growth of new connective tissue
  2. Usually in men 30-50 yrs of age
  3. Site: Can occur anywhere in the membranous part of the vocal fold
    Commonest site:  anterior 1/3 of vocal cord
Etiology :              
  1. Vocal abuse or misuse
  2. Associated with sudden shouting
  3. Smoking and allergy
  1. Unilateral
  2. Soft, smooth, and often pedunculated
  3. Hoarseness                                      
  4. Diplophonia
  5. Choking with large polyps
Treatment: Surgical excision followed by speech therapy

Diffences between nodule & polyp
Nodule Polyp
Ch. misuse Not so
Fibrotic tissue Hypertropied tissue
Bilateral Unilateral
Always at junction of Ant 1/3 & post 2/3 Anywhere in VC

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