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External Auditory Canal (E.A.C.)


  1. Period of development:-
    1. 41st  day of fetal life.
    2. Develops from:- dorsal end of the 1st Branchial cleft.
    3. Length of the Canal:- 24 mm (8 mm: Cartilaginous)
                                                    (16 mm: Bony)
  2. Applied Anatomy:
    1. Cartilaginous part of the E.A.C. It has ‘2’ fissures (fissures of santorini)
      1. Is the site for furuncles
      2. Has ceruminous & pilosebaceous glands hence wax is formed in this area
    2. Bony part of E.A.C. => antero-inferior part of tympanic ring has a deficiency known as foramen of Huschke
      (Persists till the age of four) because the tympanic plate develops completely by this age.
      1. It is filled by membrane
      2. Is usually obliterated by adolescence
Imp:- Infection from the mastoid & parotid can pass into each other

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