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Middle Ear and Mastoid

  1. Middle Ear
    1. Develops from: Ist pharyngeal pouch & Dorsal end of the 2nd pouch
    2. Period of development: 4th week - Epitympanum
    3. Middle ear parts:
      1. Mesotympanum
      2. Hypotympanum
    4. Middle ear cleft (parts):
      1. Middle ear
      2. Eustachian tube area -> Protympanum
      3. Aditus
      4. Antrum
      5. Mastoid air cells
    5. Development of the tympanic cavity: Complete by 30 weeks
    6. Mastoid pneumatization:  Evident as early as 33 weeks
      1. Bulk of the development occurs in infancy & childhood
    7. Mastoid process: Develops after the first year of life.
      1. Continues to grow up to 19 years after birth​

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